To: Mama (An Open Letter)

With all of our lives leading us in various directions, my mind can not help but linger on the thought of one of us passing and the possibility of not having know what made them who they were. It’s a thought one shouldn’t dwell upon, but there’s always that possibility. While we may be able to communicate across numerous platforms, this physical distance keeps us from seeing the truth to our loved ones’ realities.
This may appear as just a playlist, but within it are songs that I hold tightly within my heart. They remind me of the faces of those I loved, the sorrow I once allowed myself to be consumed by, and the happiness that will never fade. Within each is a glimpse into the wide spectrum of emotions and life that have been who I am.
This is for you, Mama. I know it’s difficult living so far away from each other, so I hope this makes it a bit easier. Happy birthday.

Here’s the direct link to the playlist for use outside of this blog post!



  1. I love you joseph and thank you again for this special playlist , I send you my love ❤


    1. been listening to the songs ❤ hope your day is great and full of beautiful smiles 🙂


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